G&P jewellery has turned passion into creativity

G&P is a jewellery brand based in Greece with a focus on exploration, discovery and the beauty of elevated design. George Prokopidis & Rene Gero are the exclusive designers of all pieces created, signed always by them.


High quality and unique design

We offer you a collection of exceptional jewellery that will delight every possible customer. We believe that each one of you should be treated as the most important person of the world given respect and honesty and always be creative and pioneers in everything we do.


George Prokopidis is a passionate traveler, lover of style and beauty. He combines his greatest passions to create a contemporary collection of highly detailed handmade sterling plated jewelry.
Spirited, confident and fiercely creative designer, is in a constant state of movement – traveling, researching, creating new product lines and staying relevant in today’s competitive marketplace.
Born in Thessaloniki, did a BA in Applied Informatics (School of Information Sciences) and continued with an MA in Digital Media Networks – Systems Architecture 3D design.
Certificate in Creating 3D jewelry models using Rhino and Matrix.

Rene Gero was born in Thessaloniki, in 1992. She graduated from The University of Plymouth, BA Architecture & Design Part I.

She did an internship in USP Constution company before graduating from Univeristy of Lincon, School of Architecture MArch Part II.

Having a deep interest in art and fashion, Rene joined G&P Jewellery company where she is working as a jewellery designer and social manager.

Emphasis is on the details…

We inspire all of you to express your individuality, find in our collections your own story, your own character, your own spirit, yourself. Our jewelry is constantly evolving and updated but always stays true to what makes us unique – intricate jewelry making techniques, hand crafted quality and a distinct design vision.

The quality of our collections which is surpassed and you our dear customers, the backbone of our business, our advertisement to the rest of the world.

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