Wholesale Sales Partners

G&P Jewellery is a brand engaged exclusively in the design and manufacture of handmade jewellery. All designs of our company are 100% handmade and the collection is available in selected shops in silver 925 and brass. The jewels have a certificate of authenticity, a logo of G&P Jewellery and have a guarantee of color plated quality. Each jewel is accompanied by a jewelry box.

All G&P Jewellery, professional photos, drawings, logos, presentation stands are available for our partners. The professionalism of the company in terms of delivery time, the low price of our designs in relation to the competition and the excellent service of our associates are a commitment from us.

If you wish to become a partner of G&P Jewellery, you can follow the procedure below and we will contact you as soon as possible in order to activate your wholesale account.

Wholesale Customer Registration

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